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When we moved to berlin from Holland and got into this 'guiding' game we had no idea that Berlin could be so fascinating.  We actually didn't get all the "Hoo-Ha" around Berlin:

"we just lived and worked here". 

Little did we know that when you let the initial 'WOW' wear off, you'll have to get to know the city all over again, and she you.

This happens  to everyone that lives here for longer than a year.


To us this was the Most bizarre experience we've ever had in a new city.


It's this feeling of living in Berlin for more than a year, that we want to convey on to you. We want you to fall in love with Berlin as a Berliner, not because Wikipedia or the Lonely Planet tells you to. 

​For that this city is simply too Fascinating.



Doggy Bag Tours the Beginning: We started with us Four. Now were down to three.

Miss Murphy: Powering out during the tour.

Murphy: at St Marco in Venice

The professional: She Knows the city like no other

The Professional: She is always COOL

She's curious: Even on an Italian Bike

She's an active puppy..(when she wants)

However this is the real Murphy.

Murphy at work

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