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On this tour we will show you how the wall was built and how it came down, where it once stood and we will show you parts of the Wall that are still there. You will get stories about how the GDR government tried to keep their people under control, the huge influence of the secret police and the desperate escape attempts from the people of the GDR.

You will discover how the cold war started and what happened during the 28 years that Berlin was divided by the Wall. Families and friends were separated and the once more friendly but socialist part of Berlin became a militarized zone, where lots of people were living in fear.

The West was divided into three different sectors. These parts became isolated from Western Germany and West Berlin became a very politically aware "island" surrounded by the Wall.

Typical stops on this tour are:

Checkpoint Charlie

Mauer Gedenkstätte

Bahnhof Friedrichstraße

Brandenburg Gate

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