On this tour we will visit the most important locations in Berlin. We'll see the old buildings from the Prussian era,  show you typical former GDR locations and talk about the impact of  World War II on the city, of course with our trademark stories. 

Berlin is a fascinating city and there's so much to see. There is, of course, no escaping the Brandenburg Gate; built at the end of the 18th century and the most famous monument in Berlin.

We will discover how a lot of buildings connect different eras of Berlin. We will talk about the golden 20's, the darkest time in Berlin-history WW-II and the 28 years when the city was divided.

But it's not all doom and gloom, we'll see how this city changed into a very vivid and lively city with beautiful courtyards, lots of cultures and great architecture. We will show you what is so fantastic about Berlin and what is typical for Berlin; good and/or bad! Always honest but with humor! Prepare to be a Berliner too. . .

Typical stops on this tour are:

Brandenburg Gate


Holocaust Memorial

and much much more....

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