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  • Are bicycles included in this tour?
    Yes, the price of the tour is including one of our many bicycles.
  • Are 'Pedal Assist' or E-Bikes available?
    Yes! For people who have difficulties riding a normal bicycle we do have electronic/ pedal assist bicycles.
  • Does Doggy Bag Tours have Tandems available?
    Yes, we have two tandem bicycles available. Pleas contact us so we can reserve one for your arrival.
  • Do you do tours with dogs?
    We do, we didn't call ourselves doggy bag tours for nothing! We started out with our own dog coming along on tours, so why not yours as well. Just make sure the dog is comfortable sitting in a cargo bicycle, and of course we will go through lots of parks so the dogs can play and enjoy themselves as well.
  • What if it rains or snows?
    If we can alter the starting time to make sure we'll have dry weather. If the rain starts in the middle of a tour we do have ponchos for our guests. If it snows and the roads are slippery we usually change the tour from a bike tour into either a walking tour or a tour by vehicle (if the groups are not too large).
  • Is it safe to ride a bike in Berlin?
    Yes! Berlin is a safe city to ride your bike, for such a large city it's surprisingly quiet. That being said of course you have to know how to ride a bicycle and abide by the Berlin rules. For those who want to feel even safer, we do have helmets available.
  • In what languages do you do your tours?
    Our tours are in English, Dutch and German but we are able to provide you with a guide to do tours in French or Spanish.
  • Do you have childs-bikes?
    We have Boys and Girls bikes available from age 7 so in several sizes, including helmets.
  • What is the minimum age for my child to partcipate?
    We advice a minimum age of 10 years old and at least a indipendant bike riding eloquency level. If not we have a Baboo Carco bike availible that seats two todlers, or a regular baby seat that is attached to the back of the regular bike.
  • Do you have Bikes for smaller people?
    Yes we have 22" until 28" available,
  • What kind of bikes are available?
    The most bikes are so-called 'Grandma' or 'Amsterdam' Bikes that can take a little getting used to. Because of it's uptight seating. If you can not accustome to it we have regular tourbikes at the ready.
  • Do you have bikes for tall people?
    Yes we do: our tallest Gents bike has a 29" frame.
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